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What started out as a game between friends...became the only way to save a man's life.

Paul Jump and his friend Neil Bartus are experts at GEO caching, the sport of modern day treasure hunting. One fall day Paul and Neil are approached by Jess Reagan, who enjoys making fun of the boys and their “Scavenger Hunt”.  Paul and Neil are betting money on this hunt and Jess wants to get in on the action.

Senator Robert McIntosh, a very conservative right wing politician, has been in the news lately for his stance against a bill that would make it illegal to post the 10 commandments in any public or private place. During a support rally for the Senator a bomb is discharged and the Senator’s son Matthew is kidnapped.

While out on the GEO Cache hunt Paul and Jess, thinking they are finding a clue left by Neal, stumble across a clue left by the kidnapper. They soon realize what the clue is about, and that they must search for Matthew, their own lives now in danger.

As Paul and Jess get closer to finding Matthew they are faced with obstacles and fears which force them to look deep within themselves and examine their beliefs, and this high-energy thriller will cause you to do the same. 

 Barcode: 9336855001222